Lego Robotics Classes

Build and design your way through STEM!

Does your child love Lego? Nothing turns that interest into a great new skillset like an IntelliBricks Lego Engineering and Robotics class! Our classes are a fantastic way for any student to explore the basics of engineering and programming. In our robotics classes students will build through Lego construction projects designed to demonstrate key principles of engineering, code with an intuitive drag-and-drop program called SCRATCH to bring their creations to life and play and play with their new model. Whether it’s the more simple motors and systems used by our younger students in Lego Robotics, or the impressive array of sensors and options used by older students,our Lego programs have so much in store for your student! 

Class Features!

It is not any Lego class, it is the IB Lego class where your child gets plenty of time to play with his creation, he won’t know he is learning 😉

We offer new and interesting projects of building real life machines and objects, every day

Our huge Lego kits feature 1000s of Legos for each class to build, program and play

Our classes incorporates teamwork, builds social skills like creativity collaboration and communication

Can’t wait to bring our most popular Lego classes to you. Coming soon!

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