Learn Python creating fun games: Free Demo class

Learn Python creating fun games: Free Demo class

****************Age: 12 years and Up ******************

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Course Description

Step in to text based coding!

Now that you have completed the SCRATCH introduction class, it is time to apply your knowledge. Choose between animation or game development or both! Join IntelliBricks for an eight-week course on animation with Scratch. This level two class is designed for students who have completed our introduction curriculum. Focusing on timing and sequencing students will create animations of famous stories and choose your own ending custom stories. In this class designed for children older than 10, they will be encouraged and challenged by our IB Tutor to create and animate stories of their choosing.


Introduce your child to the world of coding and game development with the simple and ubiquitous coding language Python.

Designed for beginners who have never programmed before and also for students with some coding experience.

Students build fun and interesting projects everyday using the foundations many real-world applications are built with

Projects include fun games like text adventure, hangman, snake etc!

This course consists of 10 live classes, 90 minutes each, once or twice a week scheduled according to your convenience


Python is a great beginner programming language to learn. IntelliBricks Python class is designed to teach this programming language in a fun and intuitive way to your child. Since each day is a new concept and a new project, children will find this engaging. Moreover IB Tutors teaching the coding classes are from a coding background and well trained in IntelliBricks methodology. The classes are conducted under supervision in the IntelliBricks office and not remotely from Instructors house. This ensures the teaching quality as well.

After you register for the class, IntelliBricks representative will contact you within 2 working days to schedule a convenient date and time for the class.

As soon as you decide the dates, the links for the virtual meetings will be posted in your account

Python and Pycharm software should be downloaded for this class. Download instructions can be found at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d29_-t7w5V7iQIyZL3-c_6DZTBaXiq2H/view?usp=sharing

Yes Pycharm and python software are free.

No, your child has to be 12 years and above to do the IntelliBricks Python class. If your child is underage and you register for the wrong class we will not refund the registration fee.

No, this class is designed for children with no coding knowledge and also for children with some experience in coding.

Would you like our IB Tutor’s undivided attention? Private
Then our private class type is for you. In these one on one private classes, our tutor will answer your child’s inquisitive​ questions in real time and guide him through various projects, giving in-depth feedback on his learning with continuous encouragement and help on any coding project that your child is working on his/her own interest.
Loves to work in PAIR!!! TWO of a Kind??? Semi Private
IntelliBricks semi private classes have a student instructor ratio of 2:1. If your child is interested in doing this class with a friend or sibling or if your child thrives with a companion rather than learning alone, then this class is for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a friend or sibling who is interested, we will always pair you up with another child who is as like minded and looking forward to happy and fun filled learning sessions as your child.

Get to know our Instructors!

IB Tutor

All IntelliBricks classes are taught by IB tutors, who are held to the highest of standards. IB tutors are hired after a rigorous screening process which involves, screening application, personal interview, teaching skills testing and subject knowledge assessment. Hired instructors are then trained by our IntelliBricks crew in The USA on the IntelliBricks methodology and values. More than all this, to be onboard the IntelliBricks tutor team is, to be a really fun and outgoing person, who is very friendly while engaging our students!

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Our one on one demo sessions are always free!

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