Coding Classes

Put the power of programming at your fingertips!

In a world where culture grows ever more inseparable from technology, programming and coding skills are more important than ever. So our coding classes are here to give every student  a chance to dive head first into this lucrative field, in fun, engaging, and creative ways! Full of engaging lessons, intuitive systems, and indispensable teachings, our coding classes will give your student a great head start in the world of STEM. Coding is an excellent discipline for any student to get experience with, with benefits that can follow students into any career he or she chooses to pursue.

Benefits of learning to code at young age!

Coding teaches kids how things work, and how to create things that work, with necessary skills for the future.

Students learn structural and algorithmic thinking

Students learn to anticipate, avoid, and persevere through problems

Students exercise creativity, and fun outside-the-box thinking

Coding can help your child discover a lifelong passion

See all our great coding courses below!

This class uses an intuitive child friendly software called SCRATCH to introduce your child to the world of coding.  We offer numerous SCRATCH courses starting with introduction to coding with SCRATCH and round up everything with a final course on block based to text based coding. Following are our fun SCRATCH coding classes. 

  • Have fun with SCRATCH coding, an introduction 
  • Create animations with SCRATCH
  • Cool game designs with SCRATCH
  • SCRATCH to Python, graduate from block based to text based coding. 

Python is easy to learn and use which has made it one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world! Widely used in common applications like Spotify, Instagram, and Machine Learning Programs. Our course is designed to provide an introduction to the Python programming language, while teaching the building blocks of programming such as variables, if/else statements, loops, and more. Afterwards they will then use their new-found knowledge to dive into Pygame, a cross platform set of python modules designed for writing video games, where they will create cool and fun games such as Snake and Hangman. Each lesson builds upon the last as students build fun and complex applications, pushing the limits of their imagination and critical thinking.

Whether you’re playing games, doing some shopping, or watching silly videos, a website can be a gateway to a world of fun! So being able to make your own is a lucrative, important, and interesting skill! That’s why we’re offering a new Website Development class! This class will give students an introductory level of knowledge in 3 Coding languages; HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Javascript, the three coding languages that make up a vast majority of the sites you’ll visit! Knowing these 3 languages will allow you to create websites that can compete even with the most state of art web frameworks, with HTML to build the foundation of the site, CSS to streamline and improve the visual styling, and Javascript to make your site intuitive and interactive for your users! Web design has never been a more important skill, so sign your student up today! 

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